Look After Yourself


Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly changed the way we live. To help keep us safe, it is likely that our lives will be different for a while. When we aren’t able to see our friends and family regularly, it can be harder [...]

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Happy New Year 2021


Happy New Year 2021! It is with grace we welcome the New Year.   Here at MYH we hope everyone has had a safe and joyous break. The current out-break in Sydney means the mask policy has been mandated by the State Government.   Please see here. Please also [...]

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Merry Xmas!


Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you are all taking this time to have a good break from the demands of this challenging year. We are closed 25th, 26th, and 28th December, as well as January 1st.   Open all other days at usual hours. Our MYH team wish [...]

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Iron Injections


Iron deficient ? Tired of taking tablets that constipate you?  Want something more convenient for your iron deficiency, or ID anaemia? At MYH we can provide you with intravenous Iron injections in a safe, efficient, and convenient environment.   All it takes is an hour out of your [...]

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Diabetes Checks


HBA1C - why would I need this test? HbA1c is a blood test that is used to help diagnose and monitor people with diabetes. It is also sometimes called a haemoglobin A1c, glycated haemoglobin or glycosylated haemoglobin. The test for HbA1c indicates how well your diabetes has [...]

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Pathology hours


Onsite pathology collection services Our onsite pathology collection provider MedLab has temporarily reduced availability as follows: Monday – Friday: 8am to 12 noon: 9am to 12 noon Should you require any urgent collections our Doctor will discuss this with you.

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Dr Monica Joins MYH


Welcome Dr. Monica! Meet the newest addition to our family. Please welcome Dr Monica, who is the newest addition to our growing family! With spring comes those hay fever symptoms. At MYH we can help you through those pesky allergies. All GP services (cervical screening, skin checks, [...]

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Covid 19


Please note if you have any symptoms to first call the practice on 8319 8777 for a telephone assessment.  Due to a shortage of protective masks and equipment and to protect vulnerable patients, if you are to attend in person please WEAR A MASK ON ATTENDING the practice, as well as book ahead [...]

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