Important Patient Announcement – Universal bulk-billing hours will cease from 1st July 2021

Why have we stopped Bulk-Billing (from 1 – 2.45pm)? 
We have come in line with most practices due to changes in government funding for various services reducing. We pride ourselves in delivering safe and valuable care to our patients without massive time constraints. In bulk-billing practices GPs are forced to see far more patients in less time leading to compromised patient care. We hope to sustain and grow our family practice to keep our local population healthy.
Unfortunately, the Medicare rebate to GP clinics in Australia short-change the service providers when patients are fully bulk-billed, and does not cover business costs.  In addition to this, as per the government scheme we offer telehealth. Phone consultations are generally offered at a reduced rate which also means we may have less funds to start new and important healthcare services for our patients.
We will continue to BB under 16 year-olds, and over 75s.
We hope you understand our approach, and ultimately value the services we provide, and we look forward to working with you to support your healthcare needs.