Medical Services

Our Doctors provide a range of medical services; including — but not limited to — the ones listed below. Booking with us is easy! Visit HotDoc to secure your next appointment – it’s simple to use and only takes a minute to complete.

General Health Check-ups
A regular general check up is a proactive way to help maintain all round health and wellbeing

Skin checks and excisions
Skin cancers are one of the most dangerous conditions out there, having your skin checked regularly is the best way to catch these early

Women’s health
We look after all facets of women’s health including most forms of contraception, cervical screening, and Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Senior care
For those above 75 years of age we offer full Bulk-billing.  Over the age of 65 regular checks are advised and provided at MYH

Musculoskeletal care
For those with general aches and pains, including lower back and neck pain, our Doctors can see you and provide appropriate advice

Paediatric care
We look after all childhood conditions and immunisations. Make sure you ask for one of our gift bags made especially for children and new mum’s provided by Baobag when attending for immunisations.

Work cover injuries
Workcover conditions are common and we offer the best in work related care

Corporate Health / Medicals
We offer all types of health checks, including corporate medical assessments.

Pregnancy health / Shared care / Contraception
Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman’s life and we are here to help you through it all. We offer prenatal / perinatal care, as well as shared care, and post-natal health checks.  All forms of contraception are offered as well as medical terminations under nine weeks.

Iron injections
Our iron injection service allows those suffering from iron deficiency a more rapid and safe recovery.

Diabetic management
Diabetes is one of those chronic conditions we are dedicated to help patients with in a holistic, team based approach with our Nurse and Allied Health Professionals

Sexual health checks
General sexual health checks are provided

Weight management
Having trouble getting those last few kilos off?  At MYH we can assist you in shedding those pesky kilos.

Minor surgery
From minor cysts to wart removal, lacerations to skin cancer, MYH can take care of your concerns

Anti-wrinkle injections
Dr Kot now offers anti-wrinkle injections (Dysport)

Varicose vein treatment
Dr Chiu is our resident expert in varicose veins

Wound care / dressings
We have a Nurse dedicated to assist patients and their Doctors in wound management and education

ECG / Holter monitors
If you suffer from palpitations it is time to check these out

For the best way to assess your breathing, a spirometry test can give you the best measurement

Travel vaccinations
Interested in travel, come see us today about travel vaccinations

Our In-House Dietitian can help you with weight loss, irritable bowel and a whole host of conditions

Podiatry health
Our experienced Podiatrist can assess your feet and any conditions that may be related to your gait or nails

Mental Health
Our Doctors are all trained in mental health assessment and can refer you to our In-House Psychologist for counselling

Mind Your Health Medical Centre is a mixed billing practice. Bulk-billing hours within our practice ceased as of July 1st, 2021, however we continue to offer bulk-billing for consultations of children under 16 years of age and adults over 75. Pensioner and Health Care Card holders are elligible for a concession rate $20 out-of-pocket standard consulation fee.

PLEASE NOTE: For Medicare ineligible patients, there is a $105 fee for standard consultations.

The cost of consultations with GPs are otherwise billed at an out-of-pocket costs of:

  • Standard Consultations (up to 15 minutes): $50
  • Longer Consultations (over 20 minutes): $80
  • Sunday Consultations (Standard Consultation): $50

Childhood immunisations and vaccination appointments:

For general childhood immunisations, we ask parents to please book during hours of Practice Nurse availability (*please check with reception) so we can provide the best care possible.

Vaccination catchup schedule planning and documentation appointments are $60 and require prebooking. This is due to the complexity of the process involved in accurately determining a person’s vaccination status, as well as any vaccinations that they may be required to receive in order to provide the optimum level of protection against vaccine-preventable diseases.

Skin Checks

Melanoma is the third (that’s right! Third) most common cancer in Australia. The Australian sun is one of the most severe in the world. Basal and squamous cell carcinomas, in the meantime, comprise of a much larger component of total skin cancers in the general population.

Please check out the new melanoma predictor here.

Assess your risk with the predictor, but nothing beats seeing one of our experienced Doctors today for a comprehensive check!! Please call reception regarding fees.



Please meet Ana, our lovely (and very gentle) pathology collector, who will always make those needles more bearable!

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