By working together, we strive to provide the highest quality health care. We are a Medical Centre with a difference, because we listen to your needs.  There is a suggestion box at reception and we welcome your input to improve the service of our medical centre.

We aim to keep waiting time to an absolute minimum, usually < 10 minute for booked appointments, and <30 minutes for walk-in / on-the-day patients.

We appreciate that your time is valuable. At Mind Your Health Medical Centre, we focus on delivering genuine and excellent health care to meet all your needs.  It is important to our doctors that you feel heard and cared for, but it’s important to remember that standard appointments run for 15 minutes.  If you feel you require more time than this, please inform reception so we can best accommodate your needs.  Please feel free to contact reception ahead of your appointment and check how the doctor is running for time, we will advise you to the best of our ability.

To read read more about our vision and action statement, click here.



At Mind Your Health, our overarching values are:

  • QUALITY :  We aim to always provide the best care,
  • INTEGRITY : We behave with the utmost honesty,
  • FRIENDLINESS : We always greet you with a smile,
  • PUNCTUALITY : We aim to keep your wait short.