Fees for patients with Medicare

Universal Bulk-billing is available 1pm ~ 2.45pm (weekdays by appointment), and any time for children under 16 years of age, and over 75.   During other times standard consults are $30 above medicare (<15 min), and $50 for Long consults (>20 min).  Pensioners / HCC card holders are eligible for concession fee of $10 above medicare.

Additional Fees apply for:

  •   Skin excisions / cyst or skin tumour removal
  •   Nail Wedge resections / plantar wart removal
  •   Implanon insertion / removal
  •   Dressings
  •   Insurance paperwork
  •   Travel Vaccines / Yellow Fever Vaccines / Non-Government catch-up vaccines
  •   Flu vaccines (Non Government)
  •   Vein injections
  •   Anti-wrinkle injections

…  please check with our Doctors regarding fees for specific procedures.

Chronic Health Plans

Chronic Health Plans are a vital part of what our GPs can offer you,

Also called GP Management Plans, these are available for the following conditions, and more: 

  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Weight Issues
  • Chronic respiratory / nasal conditions
  • Bowel Conditions

With a plan in place you can access 5 subsidised sessions with various health professionals eg. podiatrists, physiotherapists, dietitian, diabetic educator.  Mental Health Conditions may quality for 10 sessions with any psychologist.

Please enquire about your eligibility with our Doctors 

Fees for over-seas travellers without Medicare

Standard consults are $95 (<15 min), and $150 for Long consults (>20 min).  UK / New Zealand / Italian (amongst other countries) citizens may be eligible for Reciprocating Medicare  coverage please check here.

Additional Fees may apply for procedures / blood tests.

Executive Packages

Corporate and Executive Checks, are available, please consult our lovely Doctors. 

Cancellation policy

We understand people’s lives are busy, and unexpected situations can arise, however we would appreciate prompt notification if you cannot make your appointment.   Please call us directly on  (02) 8319 8777 to cancel your appointment.   Extenuating circumstances will be considered on an individual basis.

 GP Appointments cancelled with less than 2 hr notice (second or subsequent episode)

  • $30 fee will be charged at the next booking / appointment

GP Appointments cancelled with greater than 2 hr notice

  • No Fees incurred

Allied Health Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

  • Please check with our receptionists


Dietitian fees

Appointments with our Dietitian can be made via Private appointments or GP Care Plans (Enhanced Primary Care)

 Private Billing Rates

  • $100 initial appointment, follow up consults $85, appointments are 45 minutes in length.


  • $100  initial consult with Medicare rebate of $53.80, patient out-of-pocket fee is $46.20
  • $85  follow up consult with Medicare rebate of $53.80, patient out-of-pocket fee is $31.20

Podiatry fees

Appointments with our Podiatrist can be made via Private appointments or GP Care Plans (Enhanced Primary Care)

 Private Billing Rates / EPC

  • Please contact us for further details